Dnipro-1 defender Eduard Sarapiy commented on the game of the 27th round of the UPL with Kolos (2:1), in which he became the author of the winning goal in stoppage time of the match.

– It’s always nice to score, but we strive to win every match, so who exactly scores – either Tema (Dovbik. – approx. Sport.ua), or Pikha (Pikhalyonok. – approx. Sport.ua), or me – this doesn’t matter. The main thing is that we have plus three points in the standings and we move on.

– If you didn’t score, would 1-1 in today’s match be a disaster for Dnipro-1?

– Yes this is true.

– What was in the locker room after the first 45 minutes?

“Our coaches showed us what we were doing wrong. We looked at our mistakes and in the second half we tried not to make them. At the end of the match we already went for broke, so it’s great that we managed to win.

– What did the coaches focus on during the break?

– Of course, that in the game on the defensive, because as many chances as Kolos created at our gates, not a single team did in this championship.

– It’s not the first time that Dnipro-1 pulls out a victory in the last seconds. Is it a champion character?

– Yes, perhaps this is the championship victory. But, frankly, it’s better not to bring it to this, because you can turn gray until the end of the championship (smiles).

– It seems that in the second part of the championship, the fans of Dnipro-1 begin to turn gray more.

– Perhaps so, but God is with us and this gives us hope for further games.


2023-05-19 14:19:00

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